Procedural Construction Assets & Simulation Setups

Carsten Baars
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Procedural Construction Asset Bundle for Houdini:

Get ready for some fancy construction models!

All HDAs in this bundle were built during the projects Wastelander (my first fx demo) and Back to the Future (team project with Arvid Schneider and CG Lounge Support) and will generate easy-to-use and simulation-friendly meshes for your next project. UVs for the meshes are available by default or can be calculated optionally. Some of the assets also generates additional geometries suitable for specific simulation cases. All HDAs are provided in Indie licence (.hdalc) and are not blackboxed, so you can explore everything.

Check out the videos below to see how these assets were used in the projects.

What files are included?


  • HIP-file includes various simulation setups for these assets (H19.5).


  1. Barrel
  2. Screw
  3. Barbed Wire
  4. Square Beam
  5. I Beam
  6. Wooden Pallet
  7. Corrugated Sheet Metal
  8. Wire Fence
  9. Wire Mesh
  10. Pipe Z
  11. Metal Barricade
  12. Wooden Barricade
  13. Wooden Barrier

Wasteland Project:

Back To The Future Fan Project:

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Procedural Construction Assets & Simulation Setups

3 ratings
I want this!