HDA - File Cache Node (the better version management) - v2.10

Carsten Baars
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This file cache node combines the advantage of the Labs File Cache Node (like wedging in with TOP) with an improved version management and some other useful functions, to make life a bit easier:

  • Only one node for caching .bgeo.sc, .vdb, .abc files
  • Caching with SOP or TOP nodes
  • Automatic creation of depedency tree for ROPnet (fetch or geo/abc rops) and TOPnet. the included [submitter]-nodes will trigger the version update of the file cache hda in SOP.
  • Improved version management: cache syncs with the hip file version, when new cache will be created.
  • Easier version comparison.
  • Hip file version update, archiving of hip-files and deletion of current or previous cache version.
  • Option for faster write/read to disk for animations (will create more lightweight point cache + static geometry to deform).
  • Some pre-/post process steps.
  • .zip file contains the main hda for the cache node and the rop/top submitter hda (will update version of caches in the dependecy tree)

Update in v2.10:

  • option to import cache files from other hip files in the project
  • some bug fixes

Requirements: installed Houdini Labs package for wedging with TOPs

Tested in H19.5.640 and Rocky Linux / Windows

Let me know about bugs or suggestions for improvement. Have fun!

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HDA - File Cache Node (the better version management) - v2.10

2 ratings
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